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The brownies travel to Pittsburg to take on the Steelers. The line has moved dramatically from cle -3 to pit -2.5, partly because this is Big Ben’s farewell and maybe also because the browns got knocked out of playoff contention. Either way I think it’s fishy.

We have to remember Baker is playing for his job and isn’t going to just give up. This sole premise has made me pick the browns +7.5 in a parlay. The line should move that much, and Vegas is trying to get into your head.

Both these offenses also suck, and they both have respectable defenses. This game is screaming the under. I took the adjusted under at 51.5. Have a hard time seeing more points than that.

This parlay: browns +7.5 and u51.5, comes in at -110. I bet the house on it and I am looking to cash!

Good luck to you all!


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