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My Thoughts on Country Joe West's Retirement

THIS JUST IN: Long time MLB Umpire Joe "Country Joe" West retires after an infamous 45-year career in the big leagues.

It's a slow news week okay? For those not dialed in to professional baseball, West had a love/hate relationship with the baseball community. Joe wasn't afraid to make the game about himself.

West called 6 World Series and an MLB record 5,376. That last stat is more of a compiler, likening to Frank Gore as the third all-time leading rusher by averaging 3 yards per attempt. But hey, that's what the MLB Umpire's Association is for.

In 2017, West started a powerful movement for umps. Wearing white wristbands to protest verbal attacks on umps. I gotta hand it to him for sticking up for officials around the world. Thank you for standing up for the voiceless. Even though your job description is to verbally police the game with one word commands.

Nobody fit a personality-less role better than you, Cowboy. We don't need the game lasting longer than it needs to be. All you have to say is "Ball, Strike, Out, Safe correctly while making hand gestures. But, that's not Country Joe's style. He's like a reverse Rasheed Wallace but for officials!

West is also know for his musical talents as a singer/songwriter. West has described his music as "two chords and the truth. ... It's simple. It tells a story." Beautiful. Releasing Blue Cowboy in 1987 following with some not so hot reviews Joe stayed the path as an umpire/country musician. Here take a listen and hear for yourself.

Joe, we loved your antics. I'm sure the players, coaches and front office hated seeing you behind the plate, but for those of us who have a short attention span, I'm glad you stayed true to yourself.

Joe seen in a stare down with Madison Bumgardner after missing multiple strike calls

Joe's country music album "Blue Cowboy"

Joe putting on a show for the fans

Joe taking time to acknowledge his fans at Comerica Park

Just a man promoting his brand to the fullest. So far up his own ass, I can't help but respect the guy. The game will never be the same. Enjoy the ride Joe.

Bets to come next week for the big game. Take is sleezy y'all and enjoy the weekend.



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