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Nasty NFL Parlay

What’s up degenerates. With the recent influx in viewers this weekend, we will be pumping out content left and right. Also, please take a look at our new looks on the site, as well as the addition of a couple key contributor. We got a good thing going and are rolling it with todays lock of the Century.

With college football off for the next couple weeks (go blue btw), our main focus will be cooking up locks in the NFL. Today‘s board, I have heard, is a ball buster, but there are a couple key games that I have my eye on.

First we go to the not so great state of OHIO were the red hot Bengals face off against Herbie and the Chargers. Now my stats guy has circled this game for weeks and a “lock” and I’m trusting him. The Chargers are much better than their record suggests, and I believe they will catch fire today. Chargers ML.

This next bet is simply extra change. It’s a given, and it’s sole purpose is to add a little extra spice to the parlay. The game is Colts vs Texans and the bet is Colts ML. That’s all. No reasoning needed. Colts ML.

The last leg is the Rams vs the Jags game. The Rams are tired of being called frauds and will open the flood gates on Urban‘s horny ass. I predict this will be a good ole fashioned crucifixion where the final score will be 38-14 rams. So we want points points points! Rams vs Jags o48 points.

These parlayed together come out with a sexy +431. This is free money and you can quadruple your weeks paycheck today! Good luck as always, good scores, stay safe, and go Blue!

With Love,


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