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NBA Draft Bets:

Good morning! Toxic is back to blogging and has placed a couple bets on the big draft tonight. There have been some crazy stories this morning about the draft, but I like my plays I have drafted up! I hope you enjoy!

The Breaking Story!!!

So, I'm not sure if someone is just busting my balls, or if odds have actually shifted in favor of Banchero going 1st overall tonight, but it was reported that Caesar Sportsbook had Banchero as the heavy favorite going 1st overall at -200. This was breaking news since Jabari Smith was always the for sure #1 Pick, and it could be a ploy by sportsbook or just fake news, but it made me question my picks.

I locked in a handful of bets on Tuesday morning, including Jabari 1st overall, so I panicked a little. I found the one book that still had the 1st overall pick bet available (fanduel) and locked in Paulo at +1000 to go first overall, just in case this story was actually true. (I DON'T THINK IT IS!)

The Bets:

  • Jabari Smith 1st Overall (-250)

-Smith has been the #1 overall projection all year, and I'm still extremely

confident he goes 1st overall!

  • Paulo Banchero 1st Overall (+1000)

- As stated earlier, this is just a "save my ass" play. +1000 was great value and it has since fallen to +500, so I'm happy I got the line when I did.

  • Chet Holmgreen 2nd Overall (-220)

- Chet is #2 on everyone's board, and even if Paulo goes 1st, I still think Chet goes 2nd. Don't fade WOJ and other NBA analysts on this!

  • Jaden Ivey 4th Overall (-150)

-Even though people are saying Ivey isn't on the Kings radar, I still think he goes 4th. If the Kings don't want him, then I really believe SAC will trade back and a team will move up to scoop Ivey!

2 Picks for 5th overall:

  • Piston's at 5 is an interesting pick, so I picked 2 guys to go #5.

-Keegan Murray 5th overall (+130)

-After just losing Grant in a trade, Pistons are missing some height in their lineup and Murray would be a great addition

-Bennedict Mathurin 5th overall (+175)

-Math I think is the best available at 5, so is the reasoning I took him as well. He's not a great match in Detroit, but again its hard to pass up best available sometimes.

  • Johnny Davis u9.5 draft spot (+200)

- Every Single Mock I've seen has Johnny going between 7-9. I think it has really good value at +200, but him going 10th overall is a very likely play. I'll take the risk!

Hope you enjoy the draft and hope you win some money! Godspeed!


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