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Game three is tonight between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors. Boston is playing their first home game of the series and can also take a 1 game series lead with a win tonight. I haven't decided on a straight play for the game yet, but I have locked in a player parlay on ThriveFantasy that I love!

If you haven't already signed up for ThriveFantasy, then do so right now for a free $100 deposit match. If you're like me and are running out of sportsbook bonuses, then this is a great opportunity to snag a nice welcome bonus!

The play is quite simple, and the stats behind it are too good to pass up:

Robert Williams, even though he has been struggling in recent playoff games, should blow this number of 11.5 points + rebounds out of the water. On the season, Williams is averaging 10 points and 9 boards, and despite a bad game 2 and a bad game 7 in the previous series, Williams has hit this line with ease. When the season average is 8 points above the line, you take the over any day of the week!

Next is the riskier leg. Steph Curry over 10.5 assists and rebounds. Curry averages 11 points + assists on the season but has hit this 3 of the last 5. He has missed this stat the first two games of this series, but I think that is due to him having success shooting. Curry has been on fire in the points column, but being on the road now, he may cool off and look to help his team in other categories. That is my thought process and hopefully it makes sense and pays off!

I just have $35 dollars on this, but it is to win $126! I love it and looking forward to cashing this tonight! Let me know if you are tailing!



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