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Nets/Celtics SGP

We are back and ready to make some money! Once again, I went a perfect 5-0 last week on max plays. Each play was a $200 bet, so you do the match on the profit. Safe to say I can afford groceries this week.

Although I am hot with max plays, this is not a MAX. It is a risky little same-game-parlay that is a little too risky to be classified as a max play. Either way, I can totally see it hitting, and I have put 75 smackaroos on it. Let's dive in.

Now the Celtics have absolutely taken the NBA and Brooklyn by storm. They are on the verge of sweeping the pre-season NBA favorites in the first round. Tatum has played his socks off, and Jaylen Brown and Company have done their job and have given themselves a decisive 3-0 lead over the Nets. Teams are like a ridiculous 147-0, or something like that, when leading 3-0 in a series. Now I don't think Brooklyn is winning this series, but I do see them winning this game. Or at least I hope so.

Brooklyn is a headcase. Kyrie is a little b*tch sometimes, but one thing is certain, and it is that he is one of the most competitive NBA players in the league. Add KD to that, and this team should fight to keep their playoff hopes alive. HOWEVER, I can totally see them feeling sorry for themselves and giving up. I hope this is not the case, and I am betting this is not the case, but who knows with these guys.

Anyways, all my legs of my parlay are riding on Brooklyn to stay competitive in tonight's game. I did leave out a Brooklyn ML win, just in case they decide to fall dead and give up.

Here we go:

  • Kyrie o3 Three Pointers

  • Seth Curry o2 Three Pointers

  • BKN Team Total o105.5


Again, Brooklyn needs to want to win this game in order for this to have a chance.

Kyrie went off game 1 with 6 three pointers but hasn't hit one since. He went 0-1 in game 2 and 0-7 in game 3. It's safe to say he is due for a huge game, and 3 three's is teased down by 0.5 of the original line to hopefully secure a win.

Seth Curry, like his brother, is a 3-point specialist. He has had over 2 threes in 2 of the 3 games this series. Look for him to keep his momentum and deliver some crucial three pointers to push the Nets to a win.

A team total over 105.5 should be a breeze for Brooklyn. They went over that mark 2/3 games in the series, and again hoping that in a must win situation, they step up and deliver.

I hate rooting for the Nets, but it seems like the right path to follow in an elimination game. Good luck, good scores, and Godspeed!


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