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NFL Draft Bets

I hope you all had the chance to read my Mock Draft. I put in a lot of work to make that article, and now I'm going to show you why you should trust me. The draft has now not only become a huge TV event, but also another opportunity for us to throw money on draft selections. Really a win win for everyone involved.

Here are the plays:

(Plays are listed in no particular order)

  • Aidan Hutchinson- 2nd overall -160 (4.8 units)

If Hutch doesn't go to the Lions at 2, then I will be an unhappy camper and not only Detroit, but the world as well. DO THE RIGHT THING DETROIT!

  • Garrett Wilson- 1st WR selected -130 (2.6 units)

Really think Wilson will go 8th overall to Falcons, followed closely by London at 10.

  • Derek Stingley Jr - 1st CB selected +135 (1 unit)

Hoping Texas select Stingley at 3 overall because they like him over Gardner. I still like my chances of Derek over Sauce even if he isn't selected 3rd overall

  • Sauce Gardner- o5.5 draft spot +120 (1 unit)

Texans won't select Gardner at 3, they will either take Stingley or an Edge rusher, and then picks 4 and 5 don't want a CB. Should be a breeze!

  • Andrew Booth Jr - u29.5 draft spot +150 (1.5 units)

I have Booth going at 14. Many other analysts have him going much higher than 30 so this should hit. However, there are a handful of CB's that could be drafted at the end of the 1st round, so Booth could fall there.

  • o5.5 CB's selected 1st round -105 (1.05 units)

I have 6 CB's selected in the 1st round of my mock draft. It will be a close bet especially with all the action at the end of the 1st round.

  • o7.5 OL selected 1st round +170 (2 units)

This is a whole lot of juice for a very reasonable bet. I have predicted 8 OL in the first round, and teams are going to want to snag these guys before time runs out.

  • u6.5 WR's selected 1st round -105 (1.05 units)

I predicted 6 WR's and think that is a fair evaluation. I'm not even sure who the 7th WR is off the board, but teams need WR's so anything can happen here.

  • Hutchinson #1, Thibodeaux #2, Willis 1st QB, Breece Hall 1st RB +750 (1 unit)

This is a hedge bet in case the Jags snag Hutchinson. Supposedly, from an unreliable source, Lions like big Thib if Hutch isn't available.

  • Walker #1, Hutch #2, Ewonu #3, Breece Hall 1st RB +500 (1 unit)

Another hedge for my Stingley bets. Don't see this happening which is why I put money on Stingley.

  • Falcons WR at #8, Seahawks OL at #9 +350 (1 unit)

This is exactly what I predicted in my mock draft, so I had to take it. Falcons have their choice of WR, and Seahawks should take an O lineman and will ruin everything if they take a QB here.

  • Wilson 1st WR, London 2nd WR +350 (3 units)

Yes, you read that right, 3 units on this big boy. Wilson is best WR in draft and will fit in at Atlanta. London is a big body that will compliment Elijah Moore at the Jets.

  • Wilson 1st WR, Willis 1st QB, Hall 1st RB +325 (1 unit)

Already stated the Wilson pick, Willis is the consensus #1 on most people's board, and Hall is going to be the first RB.

  • Eagles to select O and D in 1st round +250 (2 units)

Really think Philly will select a WR and a DL, but since their picks are so close, they could possibly trade back which would ruin the bet.

  • All top 10: Gardner, Stingley, London +250 (2 units)

Only question here is London at 10. He should be the clear choice for the Jets, but who knows what they're thinking.

  • Willis 1st QB, Ekwonu 1st OL, Hall 1st RB +200 (2 units)

Pretty much all of these picks have already been justified and explained.

  • Willis 1st QB, Wilson 1st WR +200 (1 unit)

Same same.

  • All first round: Penning, McDuffie, Z. Johnson, Dotson +150 (1 unit)

I have Penning at 16, McDuffie at 25, Johnson at 27, and Dotson at 29. Should all go round one, but will be a sweat since at end of draft.

Looking at all of these, I realize I'm absolutely screwed if Pickett goes before Willis, Williams or London before Wilson, some other RB before Hall, and Gardner over Stingley. That would hurt, and I wish I hedged a little more, but this leads up to either a huge day, or a shitty day. I like living on the edge. .

Godspeed, and Enjoy! DO THE RIGHT THING DETROIT!


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