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NFL Week 17

With College Football winding down, our attention goes to that of the National Football League, and boy oh boy do we have a slate today. I have a couple picks for the 1 o'clock games, and then I will have another post tonight with my SNF prediction.

My biggest bet of the day is a 30 unite teaser. The odds aren't great for this, coming in at a not so great -154, but it should be an easy cash. My first leg is the Tampa Bay Bucs ML against a terrible Jets team. Now I know the Bucs should win, I just hope they take it seriously and win the game. Also, a nice little tidbit from this game, is that this is the largest age gap between starting QB's in history (just in case you were interested in that). The Next 2 legs are adjusted overs. Now I hate doing these because they always seem to lose, but I just have a hunch with these 2. The first over I have as 38.5 in the Chiefs Bengals game. This, to me, seems like a high scoring game with a lot on the line. The Bengals are fighting for a higher playoff spot whereas the Chiefs are trying to keep their first-round bye. I love this over! Points points points! The next over might screw me. I have over 27.5 in the Giants Bears game. These teams are so bad offensively, that it just seems like they will Suprise people and make an interesting game. However, I can definitely see this one ending at 9-6. But all in all, I hate this parlay which is why it might hit.

Final Parlay: BUCS ML, 038.5 CHIEFS VS BENGALS, O27.5 BEARS VS GIANTS, -154

My other big bet of the day is 11 units and it is the over of 41 in the Miami Tennesse game. Again, a huge week for these 2 teams as so much playoff implications are on the line. The Dolphins might be the hottest team in the NFL right now, and somehow the titans keep winning. I see this as the best, most exciting game on the board today, which is why I love the over. I see this one ending at 31-28 titans, hitting the over with ease. O41 TITANS VS DOLPHINS

My last bet is a stupid 3 player touchdown prop bet. I infamously hit this parlay a couple weeks ago, turning $50 to $700. I look to do the same this week, but my wager is only $25. In this parlay I have 3 anytime TD Scorers: Ja'Marr Chase, Jonathan Taylor, and Dawson Knox at +1202! I love this, but the odds of it hitting are obviously low.

Please have a great Sunday. Enjoy it, as we all go back to reality tomorrow and hate our lives again! Good Luck, Good Scores, Godspeed!



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