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NHL Teaser of the Day

I'm getting back to my roots and what has been successful for me. These NHL teasers have been super successful, so looking to continue that streak in tonight's games. Let's dive in!

It is a two-leg teaser that adds up to -138. Nothing special about it, I'm just looking for a win!

1st Leg: Florida Panthers o2.5 Goals

  • First of all, Florida is averaging 4.11 goals on the season, and have gone over 2.5 goals 4 of 7 times in the playoffs. They also have gone over 2.5 goals coming off a loss.

  • Florida is going to have to win tonight in order to avoid a 0-2 deficit and then head to Tampa for the next 2 games. I see a high intensity game with an almost desperate shooting night for the Panthers. Lots of pucks on net which should generate an abundance of goals!

2nd Leg: St. Louis Blues o1.5 Goals

  • The Blues are averaging 3.77 goals per game on the season and have gone over 1.5 goals in 6 of the 7 playoffs games.

  • St. Louis came off a well fought game against the Avalanche in game one, and I believe it gave them the confidence that Colorado is beatable. Hopefully we see lots of goals for the Blues, and hopefully they give the Avalanche their first playoff loss.

I have to win 5 Units on this boy! Good luck, good scores, and Godspeed!


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