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QB Frankenstein: Colts Edition

Hello hello! It sure has been a hwile. I took an personal day after a couple months earnin and burnin. But let me tell you why I'm here if the title of this blog doesn't resonant. If you know me or my history here at WB, my hat tip, my swan song, my one-hit-wonder was my first QB Frankenstein: "QB2 Frankenstein," take a look! But, it takes a while to find your niche and after months of reflection, jabs from colleagues and the urge to feel good about myself, I've decided to play the hits and hopefully doll out decent content.

This one has been on my mind for some time so lets get into it. Since Andrew Luck abruptly retired the Colts have been a young/competent QB away from being Super Bowl champs. Besides Luck, the Colts have trotted out washed up and or lifelong backups. We will now build the ultimate/silly Colts QB with the best physical, mental and miscellaneous traits of the past Colts QBs since since Peyton Manning's departure NOT INCLUDING Andrew Luck.

Head: Carson Wentz

  • You can't not pick him here. It's like not MJ first for pick up hoops. The red just pops on top of the white and blue unis. Have fun with him leading the Commis to an 8-9 record Toxi and Paddi!

Torso: Josh Freeman

  • Yes, THAT Josh Freeman who was a physical specimen and a once top 20 pick by the Bucs. At 6'6 he started one game for the Colts back in 2015 when Andrew Luck and Matt Hasselback were hurt.

Arms: Jacoby Brissett

  • Yes, Jacoby was on the original QB Frankenstein list and he's back on this one. His sleeves are immacualte and has a cannon as he once came in relief for Andrew Luck to throw a 4th quarter Hail Mary to end the game (which is hilarious to think about).

Legs: Phillip Rivers

  • I'm going against the grain here. With that offensive line the Colts have, I want my QB staying in the pocket and to pick apart the defense. With a 5.08 40-yard-dash, Phil Rivers is that guy.

Extra Seed: Phillip Rivers

  • Have you seen how many kids Phil has created? I want a guy with high T like him leading my team... definitely not throwing the ball but I want his libido if I'm an NFL GM.

Other Traits:

Matt Ryans MVP: The hardware helps everyone's legacy

Brian Hoyer's composure: I believe if Hoyer had the talent of Eli Manning for example, he'd be a HOF Quarterback and not on this list. But teams keep him around for that shiny dome of his.

Curtis Painter's hair: Clipboard Jesus

Well folks, that's all. I hope you enjoy. Might make a few more of these here and there but had to get this one out. Enjoy your week!

PS- Happy second BDAY to my sweet prince, Louie!


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