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QB2 Frankenstein

After reflecting on Gardner Minshew's spot-start win against the Jets yesterday, I thought about all the great backup QBs in league history. Of course, The GOAT QB2 is Ryan Fitzmagic himself. Then you have Charlie Batch, Matt Moore, Charlie Whitehurst, Brian Hoyer, Nick Foles and last but certainly not least Chase Daniel. I firmly believe this is a passing of the torch situation from Fitzpatrick to Minshew as the best bridge-quarterback in the league for years to come.

Then this got me thinking, who are the best backups in the league right now and can we build the ultimate QB2 Frankenstein with their body parts? I say YES!

Are ya ready? Let's go!

Head: Andy "The Red Rifle" Dalton

  • Solely for his red hair, no football reasoning

Neck: Mike Glennon

  • Again, just for the visual, nothing to do with X's and O's

Torso: Joe "Elite" Flacco

  • Purely for Joe's 6'6 height, not sure if that makes sense scientifically but, you get the picture.

Shoulders/Arm: Jacoby Brissett and Trey Lance

  • I want Trey Lance's cannon of an arm but, I want that with Jacoby's shoulders only for his long sleeves blowing in the wind as he slowly

Hands: Nick Foles

  • Foles' hands measure in at 10.63in. His predicted height with those mits would be 7'6. I want this guy playing for me in the frozen tundra, that's for sure

Legs: Taysom Hill

  • As a swiss army knife (Special Teams, QB, TE, WR, Wildcat RB) Taysom is not afraid to truck stick anyone opposing him. Taysom will never slide and that's who I want on short yardage plays

Honorable Mention Third Leg: Teddy Bridgewater

  • Just google it

Feet: Marcus Mariota

  • As a man that can run a 4.8/40, I want his feet attached to Taysom's legs

Non-Anatomical features:

Gardner Minshew's Moxie

Case Keenum's will to win

Colt McCoy's professionalism

Chase Daniel's bank account

Blaine Gabbert's flow

AJ McCarron's significant other

Well folks, there ya have it. Send in any submissions if you think I missed anyone. The backup QB is probably the best job in the world but, they can make or break your team's season. Just remember they need love to.

Thanks and more bets to come later on.

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