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Reverse Psychology

It’s is that time of the week again where I start looking at the board and wondering how much money I am going to lose. My overall record the last couple weeks has been atrocious. The only thing keeping me alive is that I just keep doubling down and making huge bets. However, these max bets of 300+ dollars are no way to live! Stress levels are already through the roof so I need a new strategy, and here it is: bet the opposite of what you love.

This is easier said then done, because it Is very easy to overthink. For example, tonight I absolutely love the Pats at -6.5. I personally think that is the best bet on the board. However, I am betting the Falcons +6.5. The tough part is, the more I see the falcons at +6.5, the more I love that, and makes me want to take the Pats, but I’m trying this strategy at least tonight.

If you followed any of that, then good for you, because I don’t even know what I was saying. I love the pats, but took the falcons, so either Fade or trail, up to you. Just please remember to be safe! Good luck and Good Scores!

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