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Saturday Divisional Round Bets:

I absolutely hate the board today. In comparison to last weeks games, this weekends matchups are a lot harder to predict. The Titans are returning the King, but the Bengals are pesky. The Packers should stomp the 49ers, but San Fran has been playing great bal! With this in mind, I am staying away from the spreads, and looking elsewhere for my bets!

The first game is the Bengals at the Titans. I really want to root for Joe Burrow, so that kind of is the reason for my bets. I have decided to do a Same Game Parlay for this matchup. First of all, I hate the over of 47.5. I think Tennessee is going to control most of the clock with their run game, and will limit the chances the Bengals get to score. To make me sweat a little less, I have taken the adjusted under of 54.5. To that point as well, I think Tannehill will be relying on Henry for most of the offensive production, so I have taken Tannehill u299.5 passing yards. The Bengals will be playing from behind most of the game, and will have limited offensive series. I expect Joe to launch the ball when he gets the opportunity, and with his talented wide receiver group, I see him no problem passing over 229.5 passing yards. The total parlay: u54.5 points, Tannehill u299.5 pass yards, Burrow o229.5 pass yards (+135)

For the Green Bay game I have decided to take a one person player prop. I love the packers here, but I really want the niners to win, so my emotional pick and money pick wouldn’t combine. So instead I love Kittle anytime TD scorer at +165. Kittle hasn’t scored a touchdown in the last 5 games. With that being said, he’s due for one tonight! However it is a risky bet, because I’m not sure how many changes the 49ers will get to score, but if they make it to the red zone, Kittle will be their #1 option!

It’s a tricky board, as I said, but if you don’t love the board, then make the board love you! I love these plays, and looking to take back some much needed coin! Good luck and good scores! Godspeed!


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