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Separating the Men from the Boys

We have arrived at that time of season when the drama really begins. The college football playoff picture is still very unclear with many big games ahead, including an action packed Saturday today. There is a lot that can go wrong these next couple weeks, but one thing is certain: We will be entertained!

One thing that is almost a given is that Georgia is in and will most likely win it all. Besides that, it is a free for all. Alabama is still alive, but will play Georgia in the SEC championship, and if they lose, the committee will have a difficult decision whether or not they let in a 2 loss Alabama team over another undefeated or 1 loss team. Ohio State controls their own destiny, but face 2 tough opponents the next 2 weeks being Michigan and Michigan State. Personally, I think OSU will cream on both of them and should sail right in to the 3 or 4 seed in the Playoffs. People keep forgetting about Oregon, and I do too. They're boring, they're west coast, they just blah. They will probably win out because the Pac 12 is garbage, but then again so is Oregon.

Where it really becomes interesting is the 5-10 ranked contenders. Cincinnati is #5 solely because they're undefeated and beat a descent ND team. I don't think they are legit, and they don't belong and will never get into the current College Football Playoffs. Now if they change it to a 6 or 8 team playoff, sure let them in, but no one wants to watch Cincy lose to Georgia on New Years 80-0. So from there, just erase Cincy from contention. Then we go to my boys in Blue at #6. I love them to death, but I also hate them. They have 2 big games remaining, Penn State today, and the team across the border on Thanksgiving weekend. Personally, I hope they lose today so I can just accept they won't make it, but I know they'll win and I'll be riding a false high for the next 2 weeks just to watch in person my heart ripped out. State is at #7 and is in the same boat as Michigan. Need to beat Penn State and Ohio State, and Michigan to lose? That's a thought that just occurred to me. If Michigan and MSU win out who goes to Big 10 championship? State because of head to head would be my guess. Anyways, state and Michigan won't win out so we don't have to worry about it.

The last interesting story is who will come out of the Big 12? If Oklahoma goes undefeated, they have to get in right? I can't see any world where they wouldn't. Oregon will drop and Oklahoma will slide in, but that's a lot of what ifs. Which brings me to my bets today. Oklahoma faces off against the bears of Baylor. Oklahoma was a 6 point favorite and now has dropped to 4.5. The Sooners have squeaked by too often this year, and their luck is about to run out. The Bears came off a horrible loss last week to TCU, and they are looking for redemption at home. I have the Bears ML but Baylor +4.5 should be a safe bet.

I do have one Big 10 play as well. Wisconsin is finally catching their stride, even though it may be a little too late to help their season. However, they're hot! Their offense is finally clicking and their defense has been lights out. They face of against the nerds of northwestern and I have my money on this being a blood bath. Even with a strong defense, I'm still taking the over of 41. Wisconsin is going to score 40 themselves and this should be an easy cover!

With all this being said, we are in for one hell of a Saturday, and an intense next couple weeks! Good Luck, Good Scores, and always, Stay Safe!

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Great call on the Bears of Baylor last week. Your high caliber predictions have earned you credibility.

Nov 20, 2021
Replying to

Thank you kind sir

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