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Texas/Kansas Bet and Prediction

Another big game in the BIG 12 tonight as #5 Texas travels to #9 Kansas. This conference is by far the most dominant conference in CBB, and it is just a gauntlet for these team's day in and day out. It should be a great game tonight with two potential national champions playing. I have found a small bet that I do like, so here it is followed by why I like it.

The Bet:

Texas ML (+165)

The Reasoning:

Texas (19-4) has just four losses on the season with just two of those being road losses. The Longhorns lost a tough game at Iowa State, the defensive powerhouse in the BIG 12. Texas then lost to Tennessee when they traveled to Knoxville during the BIG12/SEC challenge. Besides those two losses to two very good opponents, Texas is undefeated on the road and has numerous quality wins when traveling.

The Longhorns beat a very tough Oklahoma team on the road early in the season. They also beat a tough Oklahoma state team on the road as well. A win over WVU followed by a big comeback win on Saturday at Kansas State makes me confident Texas will do it again tonight on the road.

Kansas (18-5) has lost 4 out of their last 6 games in a tough stretch that consisted of many road games against ranked opponents. However, there is one loss during that stretch that I can't get over. Kansas lost to TCU at home by 23 points, a complete embarrassment. That is not supposed to happen on your home court, and it's definitely not supposed to happen to the defending national champions.

There is no doubt this will be a close game, so if you want to play it safe and take Texas +4, then go right ahead. I am just going to bank on Kansas continuing their slump against good teams and will be taking the Longhorns outright.

As always, good luck, good scores, and Godspeed!

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