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Thankful for Sports Betting

Debatably the most fun day of football is upon us! There is nothing better than watching football on a full stomach with family and friends! Well….. making money might be better, and we’re going to do just that! I have orchestrated a sexy 3 team parlay that can’t lose. So please, indulge, and enjoy your winnings with your loved ones!

The first game is the Bears of Chicago against the Winless lions of De-Toilet. Now if I hear one more person say the lions are going to win this game, I will personally go to their house and beat the sense into them. The lions will not win this game. I don’t care who the bears start at qb, whoever they dress will dismantle the lions. And likewise, whoever the lions pull out the trash and start at Qb will be sure to poop his pants, and lead the lions to another winless week. BEARS ML!

The next slot is the Boys vs. the Raiders. Now Vegas started off hot, but has been in a rut the last 3 weeks and will continue this losing streak. The Boys are hot and miss, but let me tell you, these guys LOVE thanksgiving games, and I’m sure they can figure it out this afternoon. I do however project this to be a high scoring game, so if you want another opportunity to win money, then sprinkle in this over. But the Cowboys will have no problem winning this game! COWBOYS ML!

The night game is interesting with the Bills and Saints. I cant get a read on either of these teams. The Bills I once thought were the best team in the league, are now losing games to nobodies (idk if that’s spelled right, can my editor check on this). Likewise, the saints are a tricky team to bet on Because it seems they play every game close. However, with the recent news of Kamara not playing, I don’t think they will have enough firepower to beat the Bills. BILLS ML!

This is a no funny business parlay that cashes at +189. I like it, I love it, I want some more of it! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Hope your hangover has resided, and you can eat a lot of food and win money! Be safe, and kisses!

Yours Truly,


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