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Thursday Night Sweet 16 Bets

March Madness resumes tonight as we have the first 4 games of the sweet 16 kicking off at 7pm ET. There are some really exciting matchups, and some tricky lines that I can help you maneuver around!

The first game of the night is between Gonzaga and Arkansas. The line opened at Gonzaga at -8.5 and how now moved to -10. The over/under has stayed at 154.5. Now here is what you need to know: despite have a scare in the first round, and a 4-point win over Memphis, Gonzaga is the real deal. Gonzaga just has the best players on the court, and from what we saw from Houston, the American Conference is legit, and Memphis was one of the hottest teams in Basketball. Many teams would have trouble with Memphis and Gonzaga squeaked them out in the end. Arkansas on the other hand is TRASH!!! They barely beat Vermont, and then barely beat New Mexico State. The SEC's performance in the tourney has been eye opening, proving that they are not who we thought they were. Despite my dislike for Gonzaga, I have a stronger dislike for the SEC! I am taking Zags -10 and the under of 154.5!

Score Prediction: 83-59 Gonzaga

If you want to hear a biased opinion, then you can skip this next prediction. Michigan is beating Villanova. It is destined to happen, and I know it is my team, but I just feel good. Michigan was ranked highly at the beginning of the season but couldn't put all the pieces together. They still haven't played to their full potential which to me is scary and if there was a game to do it, it would be now! Hats off to Villanova, they are a great squad and very well coached, but their run will end tonight! Michigan ML, and Michigan +5.

Score Prediction: 71-69 Michigan

Could this be Coach K's final game? I am predicting yes! Duke is a great team with great players, but Texas Tech's defense will prevail in tonight's game. My only worry is that a team that plays such intense defense, puts a lot of liability on the refs. Are the refs going to call ticky tacky fouls, or will they let the boy's play? As a person who despises refs, this worries me, especially with the potential of legendary coach k being ending his career, I could totally see the refs calling this game in the favor of Duke. That would be disgusting! Honestly probably smart to take Duke, but I'm betting the better team, which is Texas Tech. Texas Tech ML.

Score Prediction: 72-73 Texas Tech

The final game is the hardest one for me to figure out. I really think Arizona will pull this off, but everyone is so high on Houston. For me, I just have to remember how dominating Arizona has been this and the strength of their schedule is so much better than Houston's. Yes Houston has great defense paired with an good offense, but can they take down debatably the best team in the country. I say no, but only time will tell. Arizona -1.5.

Score Prediction: 75-81 Arizona

Good Luck, Good Scores, Go Blue, and Godspeed!


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