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Today's CBB BET

I am looking to regain my lost coin yesterday, as I went defeated and down 40 units. YIKES. That's no problem though, Today is a new day and I have one play that I like. I am dropping 20 units on it to cut my deficit in half. Listen up and lets cash out!

So the game is South Dakota State(19-4) at North Dakota (4-18), and I am taking the under of 162. Now don't freak out on me because I am taking the highest point total of the day, and taking the under. That is what I'm doing, but not that is not my reason. My reasons are simple: SDST will blowout ND by 40 points and it won't ever be close. I'm projecting a 93-56 game, which comes well below the point total.

SDST game's have gone under this total in 13 out of 23 games (57%) and ND game's have gone under 18 out of 22 games (82%). I also looked at the games when SDST went over that total it a majority of them were against competitive teams. North Dakota is not competitive at all being 4-18 and 0-9 in conference play. SDST will roll and will keep the points down. Don't overthink this, it is just too many points for a blowout game!

I will also be starting daily college basketball bets, as well as predicting every games outcome. I will not be betting every game I predict. Those will only be on my "bets posts". These predictions will be used as a guide for you and myself. I want to track my plays to see just how good or how bad I am.

Content will be pumping out! Good luck and God Speed!

Yours Truly,


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