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Today's CBB Picks and Why

We stayed HOT yesterday, as we were 10 points away from going 4-0 and hitting a +1291 parlay..... No matter, still was positive on the day and that's all that matters. There are only a few games on today's CBB schedule that intrigued me, so here they are:

The first game of the day is #16 Ohio State (10-3) traveling to #13 Wisconsin (13-2). Wisconsin is a 3.5 point favorite and the over is fluctuating between 139 and 140. This is a huge B10 matchup and Wisconsin is looking to avenge it's loss to the buckeyes from a month ago. I am loving the over here, and I will take it up to 142. Both teams have players up for player of the year. Ohio State has Liddell who is averaging 20 PPG, and Wisconsin has Johnny Davis who is averaging 22 PPG. Unlike their first matchup, I see both Liddell and Davis going off tonight to see who is the best in the B10. This game is going to be very back and forth, and I believe it will come down to the wire. With that being said, I think points are going to be abundant tonight! OSU/Wisc o139.5

Next we have another B10 matchup where I like Points as well! Indiana(12-3) travels to Iowa (11-4). Another huge game between two very good teams. Iowa is the highest scoring team in the B10 and I think they will show that here tonight even with IU's excellent defensive numbers. Iowa at home should roll the red hot Hoosiers, so like before, I think this will be a points game! Take the over here if you want big money! IU/Iowa 0150.5.

The final game of the evening is a late one as Colorado (11-3) travels to #6 Arizona (12-1) and 11pm ET. Arizona is favored by 15.5 points. That spread is just so shocking to me. To put this in perspective #5 USC is only a 14 point favorite at home against a terrible (3-11) Oregon State team. Colorado is too good of a team to be disrespected like this. I don't expect the Bison to win, but I do expect them to keep the game interesting. Unless I am missing something, this is my favorite bet of the day! It is simply too much points! Colorado +15.5!

Enjoy these picks, parlay them if you please, and lets continue the College Basketball hot streak!!! Godspeed!


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