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Today's CBB Trap Bets 2/21

Yesterday's trap games, (NCC -1.5, and TCU -2), split 1-1. North Carolina Central was a great win, but unfortunately the Horned Frogs couldn't pull of the win against Kansas. This now brings our trap bet record to 40-32-1 on Pikkit, with an additional 9-4 record on the Bookie, to bring our total rap record to 49-36-1. (57.6 %)

We still are recovering from a tough weekend, but today has a lot of bet-able games on the slate! Let's get this record back up above 60% and start making everyone more money!

Today's Bets:

VT -2:

Virginia Tech has an incredibly tough matchup at home against #13 Miami. Despite being unranked and playing against the #13 team in the country, VT is still favored by 2 points. This line is most likely the result of home court where VT is 12-3 at home. However, Miami is one of the best teams in the ACC this year on the road with a 6-4 record.

The line just isn't adding up when you look at each category, and what happens when we don't understand the line? We take it. So, we are jumping all over Virginia Tech tonight and hopefully they get the upset (even though they are the favorite).

Texas A&M -1:

Texas A&M has emerged out of the SEC recently. They have won 5-straight and are ranked in the top 25 for the first time this season. The Aggies do have a serious competitor tonight as they face #11 Tennessee at home. This will be TA&M's first real competition on this win streak they have.

This line again is a little odd, since Tennessee is ranked higher and is ultimately the better team. This play, however, is not as sharp as I usually like because everyone is starting to jump on the Texas A&M bandwagon. For this reason, I have made this my smallest unit play of the day, and it is by far my least confident on the board.

Richmond PK:

I absolutely love pick'em games. I need to analyze my record on games that are PK, but I think it may be 100%. Tonight's game with Saint Louis (18-9) traveling to Richmond (13-14) is in fact a pick'em and I am all over the Spiders of Richmond.

Richmond is facing a serious down year, but they are still a great team at home which is why the line is where it's at. Saint Louis is having a fantastic season and will most likely make the tournament. SLU shouldn't have a problem tonight, but there is something about Richmond at home. I like Richmond to win this game, possibly by double digits.

Tulsa +2:

Tulsa is the worst team in the American Conference and it's not even close. They are 1-14 in the conference and have a 4-8 record at home. There is no home court advantage for Tulsa, yet tonight they are only a 2-point underdog to East Carolina.

ECU may not be much better, but they do have 8 more wins than Tulsa. The fact that Vegas has this game so close, as well as the fact that no one in their right mind would take Tulsa, is the reason I am pouncing on them tonight!

MSU -3:

Michigan State is a tricky BIG 10 team and has suffered with inconsistency all year. They are up against one of the best teams in the conference; #17 Indiana. Michigan State is getting 3-points at home due to their 10-2 home court record.

Despite how well they play at home, MSU struggled against the Hoosiers earlier this year with a 13-point loss. Indiana, behind Jackson-Davis, is an extremely tough team to beat wherever the game is held. With that being said, I think Michigan State takes this one by double digits tonight.

Fresno State +2:

This is the most backwards line of the evening in my opinion. Fresno State is on the road against Air Force, who already beat them this year at home. Despite being on the road and losing to them earlier, Air Force is just a 2-point favorite.

This line is so incredibly low that it is screaming to take Air Force. I never trust those lines that seem too easy, and more often than not, there is a reason the line is where it's at. I'm trusting Vegas did their research and has made the appropriate line, so I will be taking Fresno State +2, but I expect them to win outright.

Creighton -5.5:

Creighton has gotten a lot of hype from sharp bettors the last couple weeks. Everyone is claiming that they are the team that will come out of the Big East and could even win a national championship. During all of this talk, I have been convinced e they are not the team. I personally love Xavier, UConn and Marquette much more.

Well, my love for Creighton might not be there, but I will be on them tonight against Marquette. I love Marquette. They are ranked 10th in the country and have one of the best offenses in the country. Despite how good they are, they are an underdog tonight by an egregious 5.5-points. I could see Creighton being a 1- or 2-point favorite, but 5.5 is simply too much, and is they reason I have taken them. I hope Marquette proves me wrong, but I have the think with my head and not my heart in this game.

I have also parlayed the final three teams, (MSU -2, Fresno State +2, and Creighton -5.5) at +566. They are my most confident plays on the day, so I sprinkled in a small parlay.

I hope this was insightful, and good luck if tailing!

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