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Today's Parlay + Big Giveaway Tn!

I apologize for not getting my blogs out there explaining my picks recently. It probably has been a good thing for you guys since I may be one of the coldest streaks of my life, but I sense things changing for the good soon!

I have 1 Parlay tonight that I will be live sweating on our drip stream at 8pm. Tonight's stream will not only be of us watching the games, but we will also be

giving away 2 huge Panini Revo Hobby Boxes as well as running 2k simulations to get discounted sports trading cards!

If you're not into trading cards or sports cards, tonight is a great way to get yourself slowly accustomed to the card world. You just being there, RSVP'd and watching the stream qualifies you for the giveaway. If you do want to buy a couple packs, we are doing a really good 2k simulation challenge where you can get packs for a huge discount!

2k Pack Break Explained:

  • We will be running 2k simulations of the NBA remaining teams in the playoffs, as well as other matchups.

  • You have the opportunity to "bet" on the team you think will win the matchup for a discounted pack price

  • For example: In the Warriors vs. Mavs matchup, you can buy a $10 pack at 3 bucks if you think the Mavs will win, or you can buy the $10 pack for $9 if you think the Warriors will win. The Warriors pack cost more because they are the heavy favorite, but you still get that pack at a lesser than retail cost.

  • If your team wins, you receive that pack, and don't worry, if your team loses you still get an awesome consolation prize!

We hope you can make the stream tonight, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Now let's get into the Parlay!!! It's a 2 teamer that adds up to +449.

  • Hurricanes ML

There is no way Carolina losses 3 games in a row. There are back at home tonight and are looking to take back control of the series. Carolina is simply the better team, and now have their backs against the wall in a crucial series game. Canes ML all day long!

  • Warriors ML

Warriors failed to sweep the Mavs in game 4, but made a desperate comeback late in the game to make it interesting. Golden State is back at home tonight to finish the Mavs once and for all. The Warriors need the extra rest and need to put this series to bed. WARRIORS!!!

  • Johnny Gaudreau Anytime Goal Scorer

This is the leg where boys become men. Gaudreau is simply due for a goal. He has been held goal-less this series and has been held point-less the last 2 games. Johnny is a ticking time bomb for a puck on net. I would even love betting him to get 2+ goals! HE'S DUE!!!

Good Luck, Good Scores, and Godspeed! See you tonight on the stream!!!


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