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Trap Line Alerts!!!

Every week, Vegas comes up with these blatantly obvious trap lines. I have found myself too often on the wrong side of this, so my new goal in life is to warn you about these lines. Some may be too appetizing to pass up, but I want you to at least be aware of the traps you may fall victim too. Vegas is too smart to make a pick that obvious. They are begging you to take the obvious pick, knowing that the other side of the bet is more likely to hit. Those Bastards!!! Let's avoid this week's football traps!


  1. Kansas +9 vs. Oklahoma

  2. Illinois +6.5 vs. Minnesota

  3. OK ST +3.5 vs. TCU

  4. NC ST +3.5 vs. Syracuse

  5. Clemson -3.5 vs. FSU

  6. Giants +6 vs. Ravens

  7. Vikings -3 vs Dolphins


I will go through each of the seven traps, and why I consider them traps and what side you should actually bet.

Let's start with the Kansas vs Oklahoma game. Kansas is sitting at 19th in the country after a tough loss to TCU but have blown their expectations out of the water thus far. Oklahoma has had one of the biggest letdown seasons in their recent memory and have lost three consecutive games. The game is at Oklahoma and the spread is nine points. We have to keep in mind that Kansas' starting QB is unlikely to play in this game, but even so, it's so obvious to take Kansas +points. Oklahoma looks lost, and clueless. Kansas has figured it out and will now have to figure out how to play without their starting QB. One would think Oklahoma has no chance of winning this game, let alone covering 9 points. I don't buy it.

  • Don't Fall for the Trap: OU -9

Next, let's transition to the Illinois/Minnesota game. Illinois is ranked 24th in the country and have won their last five games. They are also hosting the Golden Gophers tomorrow. Minnesota is 4-1 and are just coming off a loss to Purdue. This game should be an almost even matchup, so seeing that you can get Illinois +6.5 at home, it's very fishy. Would be extremely cautious if you were thinking the Illini.

  • Don't Fall for the Trap: MIN -6.5

Oklahoma State traveling to TCU is the next trap. This will no doubt be a great matchup between 8th seed OK State and 13th seed TCU. Both teams are undefeated and have picked up solid wins thus far. This matchup to me seems pretty even, and I would lean to take the Cowboys, which is +4. This is very much what Vegas wants you to take. No way TCU wins by four, right? Thats what they want you to think, however, this would be one that I would risk the trap for.

  • Proceed with Caution: OK ST +4

In my eyes, the biggest trap of the weekend is NC State being a 3.5-point underdog against Syracuse. Somehow Syracuse is undefeated, with one good win under their belt. They beat Louisville week one solidly, and since then, hasn't had to prove themselves. The game against Purdue could be considered a fluke, so I'm not counting that as a good win. NC State battled with Clemson, and they have two good wins against FSU and Texas Tech. Why then, is NC State a 3.5-point underdog? It makes no sense, extremely confusing, but let's risk it!

  • Proceed with Caution: NCST +3.5

Probably the second biggest trap is Clemson -3.5 vs. Florida State. Clemson has seemed to figure things out between last year and now. They jumped Michigan in the polls and are currently ranked #4. The polls have decided they deserve their spot and are a national contender. Then why are they only a 3.5-point favorite? Florida State is not good. They are by far the inferior team, and I was expecting the line to be more like Clemson +7.5. Big big trap!

  • Don't Fall for the Trap: FSU +3.5

There are two NFL games that I noticed odd lines. NFL lines are much different than CFB, but usually when you see an odd line in the NFL, it means you should be extremely cautious and really think about the number of units you are going to employ on a way too obvious line.

Game one is the Giants and the Ravens. The Giants have had a great, surprising season thus far. Ravens have struggled a bit, but also have a respectable record. The Ravens have only had one game decided by more than 4 points, so why are the Giants +6 at home? Watch out!

  • Don't Fall for the Trap: BAL -6

And last but not least, we have the Vikings vs. the Dolphins. The 4-1 Vikings are only a 3-point favorite over the Dolphins who have ruled rookie Thompson as their starting QB. I understand the Vikings may be a little overrated, but common, a third string QB is given just three points? We saw last week after the Dolphins got blowout by the Jets, that three points is not nearly enough. What is Vegas up to?!?

  • Proceed with Caution: MIN -3

As always, I'm not expert, just trying to help! Godspeed!


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