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UCF/Memphis + LSU/Florida Predictions:

Wednesday's Wagon is quickly approaching. In case you haven't been following, our recent bets have been RED HOT! Collectively, we are close to 30 wins and under 5 losses in our last 35, and we are looking to continue this streak today with 4 picks coming from 2 games. Parlay them at you're own risk!

First up, we have Memphis (9-5) at UCF (9-4). Memphis is a 1 point favorite on the road. The biggest statistical item that caught our attention, was Memphis' turnover rate, compared to UCF's ability to force turnovers. Memphis is ranked 354th in the country in turnover percentage, turning the ball over 24.2% of their possessions. UCF, on the other hand, is ranked 44th in the country forcing turnovers on 21.8% of opponents possessions. This alone is a huge discrepancy and is the reason we love UCF +1, and the over of 148.5! We are expecting a sloppy game from Memphis, and a lot of transition points for the Knights!

The last game is between LSU (14-1) traveling to Florida (9-5). Florida is a 2.5 point favorite, which should already alert everyone's gambling instincts! I hate it when Vegas makes the home team the favorite against a really good ranked opponent, but they continue to do it, which makes me feel like they're onto something. However, recently this hasn't worked well for Vegas, and I have made plenty of money off of this trend! The biggest thing to know here is that LSU has the nation's #1 defensive efficiency, #2 lowest opponent FG%, #5 in defensive turnover %, #1 in steal %, and #3 in Block %. It is safe to say, LSU has the nation's best defense which is why we are taking the under of 139. Florida also has a top 15 defense according to their stats, and their offensive stats are in the bottom 50%. We are taking LSU +2.5. I see LSU winning by 5 points easy!

If you're really feeling lucky (like I am), you can Parlay all of these at +1291! Tasty Odd's that will only make this hot streak, that much sweeter!

As always, Good Luck, Good Scores, and Godspeed!

Yours Truly,


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