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USC: From Playoff Contender to the Worst New Year's Six Bowl

I am still not over the fraudulent team from Southern California, and I want to emphasize the complete self-implosion of this team in the PAC-12 Championship. I am not the only one who is laughing at this USC team. The College Football Playoff Committee added one last laugh to the Trojan's season when they selected their opponent in the Cotton Bowl. This was the perfect way for this USC team to finish their season in my opinion.

Utah's Emasculation of USC in the PAC-12 Championship

A win away from their first trip to the College Football Playoff, USC had all momentum on their side. They could have punched their ticket to the playoffs and revenged their sole loss on the season all in one game. Everything was pointing to USC in this game, and I know I am not the only sucker who fell for this.

The game started out exactly how I expected. USC took a commanding 14-3 lead, and it was looking like it was going to be a long night for the Utes. This was quickly proven false, and Utah came soaring back, outscoring the Trojans 44-10, to win the game 47-24.

I have never seen a team that was so poorly coached on defense in my life. I forgot that they don't play defense in the PAC-12 and that was shown quite clearly at USC's tackling ability. This defense was the softest I've ever seen in my life, and the lack of tackling technique and an absence of physical aggression made it look like a middle school soccer game.

If you need any more convincing that this defense sucks, here is their starting MLB.

Eric Gentry is 6'6, 200lbs. I've never seen a middle linebacker with this physique. You know why you've never seen that before? It's because anyone who's tried to play with this body has sucked. Yes, he finds ways to make tackles, but it's 10+ yards down the field. The most non-physical waste of space I've ever seen on a football field. Please watch him in the Cotton Bowl. You won't regret it.

Utah took advantage of this USC defense, and they not only took their hopes of making the playoffs away, but they also took USC's masculinity. A complete degradation.

Despite losing a lot of money on the Trojans, I am happy Utah saved us all from the blowout that would have happened in the playoff matchup. No matter who USC faced, it was clear that their defense would part like the red sea, and they most likely would have had 60+ points dropped on them.

Committee Gets the Last Laugh

So, USC goes from almost making it to the playoffs to now playing the worst New Year's Six Game. This is meant to not disrespect Tulane but is more to shit on USC. Tulane is a great team and have stunned everyone this season, but they are not a power five team. At the end of the day, a 3rd or 4th best team from almost every power five conference could take down Tulane, and now the "hottest team in football" will play them in their bowl game.

You would think that USC would be a pretty large favorite in this game, but the currently line only has USC as a 2.5-point favorite. That is awesome. I hope they get stomped, and Tulane runs away with this one! I love hitting a man when he's down. This season should hopefully be an eye opener for USC when they move to play against the big boys in the BIG 10. That defense simply won't cut it.


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