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WCW - MNF Edition

Here's a quickie before tonight's game. This is a mix of gut and a little bit of data. As I said earlier, the Cards are frauds. The Cards might as well be a polar plunger in Lake Michigan in December because they have had major shrinkage since week 11. Boy, if I were Cliff Kingsbury I'd be shaking in my sexy little boots... all handsome in his sun-kissed skin, aviator shades and well kept hair... Anywho, I love points in this game. in Week 6 they scored a combined 57 points and then in Week 15 both teams combined for 53 points. This will be like an old school Big 12 game. Imagine Texas Tech v Baylor in 2015—pigskins flying.

I foresee LA off to a hot start with AZ fighting back, airing it out for Kyler with additional scrambles and significant yardage. In the end, there will be plenty of fantasy points, a few interceptions and POINTS, POINTS, POINTS!

I love:



LA/AZ o49.5

LA First to score

Stafford o1.5 TD Passes

Stafford o1.5 rush yards

Higbee o3.5 catches

Van Jefferson o2.5 catches

AJ Green o3.5 catches

Kyler o23.5 completions

Kyler o1.5 TD passes

Kyler o38.5 rush yards

Now time for me. It's gonna be an interesting week. The roommate and I have been dry all month. It hasn't been terrible, just when watching games in the weekends. This week, we're going hash-less. It shall be interesting. They say it's not addicting but it sure is habitual. Kinda sounds the same.. Then I came across this quote and I'm back circling the wagon.

Be wise and ride with me and we'll be high flyin, folks! You won't regret it! Be safe and be smart!

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