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We're Back to Making Money!

What a weekend! My body is still in agony. I don't want to have another alcoholic beverage for the rest of my life (I'll see you Friday). To quickly recap, a couple WorstBets Contributors and myself went to the Waste Management Open in Scottsdale, Arizona. We got there early, drank enough beer for a month, and made our appearances on TV, PGA Instagram etc. We also saw the first hole and one on the 16th hole in 7 years, and then continued to litter the hole with beer cans! It was quite the day, and then the party continued into Sunday where we watched the Superbowl. Overall Great weekend! But now I'm back crafting winning parlays for my boys!

Attached are the images from the Open. (Whoever is the shirtless man in the Michigan Hat is one good looking man!).

Anyways I have 3 different parlays for you all! Tail one, tail three, the choice is up to you, but you don't want to miss out on free money! My first parlay is a little different. I am betting on Champions League Soccer which starts today at 3pm. I have PSG ML and Man City ML Parlay ** Regular time only!!***

Now me saying I know a lot about soccer would be a lie, but I do know PSG has the big 3 back (Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe). It is Neymar's first game back in a month and even though they play Real Madrid, I trust that these 3 can cruise to victory. My Man City pick is simple. They are playing Sporting Lisbon who I've never heard of. Man City is legit and will win by 3. Easy parlay! +171odds.

My CBB parlay is a going to take some balls to follow and some luck to hit, but I absolutely love it! Its a 4 teamer: Kent State +8, Wake Forest +10, Minnesota +12.5, and Wyoming ML +885! Today we become men boys!!

Kent State is playing the MAC best in Toledo, but Kent is not too far off Toledo. They are on a 6-game win streak and even though they might not win tonight, they will keep it competitive and cover the spread! Wake plays at Duke which obviously is a really tough game. However, Wake is a really good team with a 20-6 record, and I personally believe 10 points is way too much to cover for the Blue Devils! Minnesota plays at Ohio State and this bet is really a toss-up. Both Minnesota and Ohio State are very unpredictable. They have the opportunity to be really good teams, and then lose games by 15 plus points. I'm counting on Minnesota to bounce back from one of those down games, and for OSU to come out slow after a big win against my Wolverines. The last leg is Wyoming, who finally made it into the top 25 rankings, and I love these guys! I've won my fair share betting them when they were sneaky, but now that they're ranked, I hope Vegas continues to underestimate them! Easy win for the Cowboys!

The last Parlay is once again a ThriveFantasy Player Prop Parlay! Don't forget to use our promo code: WorstBets for a 100% Deposit Match!!! I have 2 Player props again for $50 to win $200. First is Jalen Brunson o24.5 Points, Rebounds, Assists. Jalen has been on fire lately, scoring over 20 points multiple times in the recent games. They play the heat which is going to be a battle, and he will need to play well for his team to win, so I'm expecting him to go off! The next one is Marcus Smart o11.5 Points. This number is right at his average, and likewise, they play a really good Philly team so expect multiple Celtics to go off!

Enjoy these parlays, and I hope your body feels better than mine!!!! Godspeed as always!


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