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Wild Card Weekend - West Coast Addition

Buenos dias compadres (PST time). What a regular season it's been. We had a lot of stories come out this season. Most notably the Antonio Brown stories (Fake vax card and now the in-gam sideline blow up and social media aftermath). Take a look at the rest

A lookback from the 2021-2022 Regular Season (Not in chronological order)

  • John Gruden is fired

  • Henry Ruggs situation

  • Arron Rodgers farewell tour in Green Bay

  • Aaron Rodgers "covid treatment"/vax scandal (God that was dreadful)

  • Covid takes over the league (and world but you get it)

  • Urban Meyer - I'll leave it at that

  • Tom Brady rolls into the MVP again at age 44

  • Cooper Cup receiver Triple Crown

  • The Cardinals are who we thought they were - Frauds

  • Baker and the Browns are hurt and still suck

  • Kevin Stefanski - Idiot or Moron?

  • Pats roll back into playoffs

  • Dan Campbell ends the season as the best coach to not make the playoffs

These are all factual storylines that are in no way subjective at all. But, now—NOW—we are in wild card weekend. What a beautiful sight with no clear cut favorite to win the big one. Let's get to the West Coast Slate.

I love SF. I'd be shaking in my boots if I were Dallas (pun intended). Dallas has been inconsistent offensively. I think SF will mash they way to the next round with help from Deebo, Kittle and they're entire run game paving the way

  • SF +3

  • SF ML

I love the Chiefs over and ML even though not available. Not loving the spread. I'm glad we get to see BB7 one last time but it will be in fact one last time. The Chiefs O looks more put together and they've made the adjustments late in the year in which they can run and gun like usual or chew 10 minutes off the clock. The Steel curtain is sadly no match.

  • KC ML

  • PIT/KC Over

The Cards are frauds, previously reported above. I have no faith. Stafford has reverted back to his Lions ways throughout the season but I think the star power and experience from Wonder Boy McVey will prevail.

  • Rams -4

  • Rams ML

  • AZ/LA Over

Like I always say: bet with me, don't bet with me. You're your own person. But, I'm kinda lonely so I could use some company on this ride. So let's take a ride into the sunset with Benjamins in our pockets. Giddy up.

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