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WorstBet's NFL Mock Draft and Best Bets!

The 2023 NFL Draft starts tomorrow, and this may be the most confusing draft to predict. However, I am going to do my best to navigate you through my predictions, and the best draft bets you should place.

Mock Draft:

1. CAR

Bryce Young, QB, Alabama

The Will Levis talks is just smoke and mirrors. The only reasoning for Levis getting a big push in odds for #1 is that he told his friends and family he was going 1st overall. That is just not true. Carolina didn't trade up to take Levis, they traded up to take the best QB in this year's draft: Bryce Young

2. HOU

Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

Now this is where it gets really interesting. Are the Texans going to take a QB? This has been a question since the end of the regular season, and quite honestly, I don't have the answer, or even the slightest clue as to what they're going to do.

BUT, I'm going to go with the Texans taking a QB at two. It's either a QB now or never, and they can get an elite pass rusher still at pick #12. There's a lot of hype around Will Levis, and despite me not understanding why, I think the Texans will select him. Stroud has become a huge liability, and Richardson is the biggest boom or bust in the draft. Houston can't afford to take that risk. Levis is the safer pick.

3. TEN (Traded with ARI)

CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State

With Stroud still on the board, this position has gotten very interesting for a lot of teams. Obviously, Arizona is doing everything they can to get out of this pick, but with Anderson still on the board they will be happy to take him. HOWEVER, the Titans, a team that has been in talks since the beginning of trading to 3, could now take CJ Stroud. This was a player that Tennesse didn't expect to get, and it could really screw up the Colts at the next pick. So, lets, screw Indy and have Tennesse trade up to 3 and snag Stroud!

4. IND

Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida

Oh no Colts, WHAT HAPPENED!!! Your boy, Levis got snagged at 2. The Titans just f*cked you at 3. What are you going to do? Truly a tough spot for the Colts, but they are 100% getting a QB. With Richardson as the only QB left (Hooker doesn't qualify as a top 10 prospect), the Colts will select him at 4.

I can't see the Colts with Richardson. They can't see THEMSELVES with Richardson, but they have no other option. Take a chance I guess.

5. SEA

Will Anderson, Edge, Alabama

Alright, back to reality. Seattle is going defense, so it's your choice between Will Anderson, Jalen Carter, or Tyree Wilson. As a Detroit Fan, and praying for Will Anderson to go to Detroit, it just makes sense that he will get selected the pick before the Lions. So as much as I hate in, the Seahawks will take the best player in the draft: Will Anderson.

6. DET

Tyree Wilson, Edge, Texas Tech

Ooof, that was a shot right to the gonads, but the Lions have a lot of options. Detroit has been rumored to not even have Jalen Carter on their draft board, and I think that is a great decision. Carter does not fit the culture that Campbell and Detroit are building.

So, with Carter out of contention, the Lions can either select the best corner in the draft (Witherspoon), or the debatable best edge rusher in the draft (Wilson). I want it to be known that I do not think Wilson is better than Anderson. No idea what they're smoking over at ESPN if they believe that.

Anyways, it's a CB heavy draft. Lions also have the 18th pick where they can select a CB there, so I have the Lions getting Tyree Wilson.