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WorstBets Ultimate Mock Draft

Updated: May 12, 2022

After hours of analyzing, I think I have perfected the first-round NFL draft. I created this perfect mock draft by looking at each team's needs, studying professional analysts' predictions, and using my own gut feelings in this list. I hope you enjoy; it only took me 6 hours!

Once I figure out where to bet on draft positions, I will let you know my bets, but for now, enjoy!

WorstBets Mock Draft:

1. Jaguars: Travon Walker – DE- Georgia – 6’5 272

It all Comes down between Hutch and Walker for the number 1 overall spot. I believe Jacksonville is going to take the risk and get Walker who has a lot of potential and is freaky athletic, but just doesn’t have the production that Aidan had in college. Jacksonville needs to take risks if they want to be successful. I don’t think it’s the best pick for them, but I believe it is what they’re going to do.

2. Lions: Aidan Hutchinson – DE – Michigan – 6’7 260

Detroit desperately wants Hutchinson; Hutchinson desperately wants Detroit. It’s destiny. He grew up outside of Detroit, went to Michigan, is the kind of character that Dan Campbell wants. It’s just a great pick and they are hoping the Jaguars don’t take him off the board.

3. Texans: Derek Stingley Jr – CB – LSU – 6’0 190

Now we get to the unknown of this draft after only 2 picks in... After looking over 10’s of mock drafts, and listening to numerous podcasts, I think I have found a somewhat believable mock. Stingley Jr has caught the Texan’s eye, and they have him above Sauce Gardner at the corner back position. The Texans need CB and Edge the most, so either they take Stingley or Thibodeaux. I’m taking my chances on Stingley. I don’t think they will select Ekwonu here, but a lot of experts have that as the play.

4. Jets: Kayvon Thibodeaux – DE – Oregon – 6’4 254

Everyone and their mother have Thibodeaux going 4th in their mock drafts. If he’s still on the board at 3, the Jets are going to snag him. The Jets need a WR too, but with a draft class full of great WR, they can take their chance on passing one up for big Thib. He has fallen a bit on people’s boards because his passion for football has been questioned, but he’s still the most athletic edge rusher in the draft.

5. Giants: Ikem Ekwonu – OT - NC State – 6’4 310

Offensive tackles are a hot commodity in this draft class. Hot Hot Hot! There are only a few of that can start right away, which is why teams are desperate to trade up to snag them. Don’t be surprised to see teams move early. Ekwonu is the best OT in the draft, and he may even go 3 to the Texans. I see him going to the Giants at 5, who desperately need an offensive lineman. If he’s unavailable, the Giants will select the next best OT.

6. Panthers: Evan Neal – OT – Alabama – 6’8 337

The Panthers will not be selecting 6th overall. They are 99% trading this pick, so it is difficult to predict who will be taken at 6. This 6th spot is a prize trade spot where teams can buy up to either get an O Lineman, WR, or (very unlikely) a QB. I know teams are willing to move up to select an offensive lineman so we will go with that piece of advice. Neal, in my opinion is the next best OT behind Ekwonu so I believe he will be drafted 6.

7. Giants: Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner – CB – Cincinnati – 6’3 190

I personally don’t see the Giants having this pick. I think they will trade back because they got what they were looking for and could get the picks they want at a later draft spot. Gardner is by far the best on the board remaining, but the Giants have no use for him. Some team will trade up to snag Gardner who is debatably the best CB in the draft.

8. Falcons: Garrett Wilson – WR – Ohio State – 6’0 183

With the first WR off the board, Atlanta will take Garrett Wilson at 8. Atlanta is desperately seeking offensive star power, so look for them to select a WR here. Wilson is the best WR on the board, but they could possibly select London or Williams. I see Wilson here though as the clear choice for Atlanta.

9. Seahawks: Charles Cross – OT – Mississippi State – 6’5 307

Seattle has been known for their terrible OL, and now without Wilson’s mobility, they will need to build up their front 5. Cross at 9 is probably unreasonable because he’s too good. Some team will probably trade up for him, but on my board he’s available so Seattle will take him. If not, Seattle will take another OL.

10. Jets: Drake London – WR – USC – 6’4 219

Jets are back up, and now they need a WR desperately. London is a huge target and will give Zach Wilson much needed help in the passing game. The jets already have the speedster in Elijah Moore, but now they need a possession receiver which is exactly what London is. These 2 picks by New York would be huge in the rebuilding.

11. Commanders: Chris Olave – WR – OSU – 6’0 187

Commanders, with their new QB Carson Wentz, need more help in the passing game. It has been heard from sources that they love Olave over Williams. Olave wasn’t even the best WR on his team, but his mere speed and agility will be a great addition to the struggling Commanders.

12. Vikings: Kyle Hamilton – S – Notre Dame – 6’4 220

Kyle Hamilton and Harrison Smith. Let that sink in. 2 Notre Dame alumni as both safeties, that’s scary and dope at the same time. I know Minnesota needs DB’s. They may select a CB, but either way, this would be a duo that I’m hoping happens. Would just make my inner safety self-rejoice.

13. Texans: Jermaine Johnson – DE – Florida State – 6’5 254

Texans snagged their O Lineman to start the draft, now they need either a CB or an Edge. I have them picking Johnson as the edge. He is a great pass rusher and although he’s the 4th best in the draft, he still is elite and worthy of praise. Would be a great addition to a struggling Texans’ defensive line.