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Would you rather?

As the Vikings and Lions prepare to square off today, I got to thinking. And I'm totally serious here.

Would you rather be a Detroit Lions or Minnesota Vikings fan...?

First glance, its next question. Why on earth would anyone want to be a fan of the Detroit Lions. Who willingly puts that upon themselves?

You want to know one thing the Lions fans have that I'm jealous of? No fucking hope. They get to come into every season with ZERO expectation. Zero hope of a successful season. Zero reason to get upset at heartbreaking losses, cause that's just what happens in Detroit.

The Vikings on the other hand....

Let me tell you, as a lifelong Vikings fan, I'm pretty sure some of my character development stems from the misery and pessimism that comes with being a diehard. I wince at the idea of anything related to the #3, I can't accept that anything's ever over, and just overall, I struggle to be happy while watching football. It's a chore, and the pain must be addicting because Idk why I sit down every Sunday and try to watch Kirk, JJ, and Adam single handily pick up our paycheck collecting defense, or our geriatric "look at my Instagram model gf guys" Head Coach.

"But the Vikings have at least been to the super bowl!" - 0 and fucking 4 in those, guy. I would also love to make one while I'm alive

"The Minneapolis Miracle!" - Yeah that was sick. Want to know what it gave me? HOPE. HOPE THAT WAS SHATTERED INTO THE VOID BY A REAL FOOTBALL TEAM IN PHILLY.

Every season we come in with Hope. Sometimes we even lose hope early on, gain it back midseason, only to lose it all again. I'm done with hope. Give me the simplicity of being a Detroit Lion.


Want some locks? Lets keep the intra-divisional season going. I heard from a guy who heard from a guy that betting the under in division games after week 10 is like 60+% a hit. These guys are used to playing each other, and defense dominates. You'll find me betting trends pretty often.

Week 11 it was 3-1.

Week 12 it was 4-1.

Maybe well regress to the mean this week, but you have to lock them to find out right? Take the Under in these games.

Bucs/Falcons U 50.5

Vikings/Lions U 47

Colts/Texans U 45.5

Ravens/Steelers U 44

49ers/Seahawks U 45

Broncos/Chiefs U 46.5

Bills/Patriots U 41

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