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1st College Football Bet of the Season!

IT IS GAME WEEK! The long and dreadful summer is almost complete, and we have College Football this weekend! Not preseason, not practice, but real actual games!!! The anticipation is killing me, so I already have locked in one play for the weekend. Lets get into it!

Full Slate:

There are 7 games this Saturday, including 2 top 25 teams (#13 Notre Dame vs Navy, and #6 USC vs San Jose State).

The Bet:

I will be betting on probably all of these games this weekend, but most of them still require a little more research. The Notre Dame game is also in Ireland, which adds a lot more uncertainties and variables to the equation.

But there is one game I have a good read on, and I have already locked it in. I will be taking the USC Trojans -30 against SJSU.


USC cost me a lot of money in their final two games of the 2022 season, so it only makes sense that my first game back is getting revenge with the Trojans.

Reigning Heisman Winner Caleb Williams and USC will start their redemption season off with a cupcake of a game. This will be an ass-whooping where Caleb Williams goes for 5 TD's and 400 yards and immediately pulls away from the rest of the field in the Heisman race.

(Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images)

Saying San Jose State is a cupcake is a little exaggerated. They had a much improved season last year, and finished 7-5 overall and 5-3 in the Mountain West. They also had a solid defense and some quality wins early, but as the season progressed, their defense got exposed and they ended up losing 3 of their last 4.

USC's defense was their demise last year, and even though Lincoln Riley doesn't believe in that side of the ball, it had to have been a point of emphasis this offseason. With SJSU senior QB Chevan Cordeiro returning, this a great, early test for the Trojan's defense.

I see USC exploding offensively in this game, and expect their defense to look much improved. This will set of alarm bells for the rest of the CFB world that USC is a true contender(not really, they are frauds, but ESPN will be head-over-heels on USC after this game).

Final Score Prediction:

USC 55, SJSU 10

Good luck as always if tailing, and lets have a hell of a season!!!

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