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AC's Stoned Cold Lock of the Week - W8

Good afternoon folks, it is I, your good friend, ACHAV and I'm happy to be a part of this blog. I really think our collective insights can help out the avid gambler. I myself am a recent gambler but, with hard work and instinct, I became the $10 betting magician I am, in a mere two months time. Alright, let's get to brass tax.

What you need to know about this guide to endless greenery, is that I will be betting on one (1) NFL game per week. This pick will be made with a PED, a little PED called Marijuana—grass, pot, reefer, hash, dank, Mary Jane, The Devil's Lettuce—you know it.

This week's choice: Chocolate Cush

Things become instantly clear that the pick I give you is a TOTAL no-brainer. Now to the show.

**Ten minutes later**

For AC's Week 8 Stoned Cold Lock of the Week, I will be betting Sunay Night's game in the Twin Cities. I will be betting the over 24.5 on Dallas vs Minnesota . This game is covered in fire power offensively.

WhAt A nO bRaInEr!?

On Minnesota you have the fiery Kirk D. Cousins who is a the NFL's version of James Harden—all stats no awards. And what more could you ask for when searching for points?

In the NFC North's most confusing team, Cousins is accompanied with these studs. Justin Jefferson, the statistician at WR partnered with the hometown kid Adam Thielen. At RB when healthy you have a top 5 back in Dalvin Cook. His backup Alex Mattison—who ran for 100 yards 2/3 games when starting for Cook—is a great option when subbing for his fellow running mate. This offense is fun to watch when connecting on all cylinders and I'm excited to see them go at this make-or-break defense.

Switching over to Big D, we have the unanimous Comeback Player of the Year (CPOY) Dak Prescott at QB1. Dak has put up great numbers, even in their loss in Week 1 versus Tampa. Although they are 6-1, Dak has labored through injuries to his rotator cuff and ankle throughout the season. This will be something to monitor but, Dak has proven he can fight through the pain.

Dallas is followed in fire power with Zeke Elliot at RB. I long to see his crop-top once again like his Ohio days. They're strength may be on the outside with Pro Bowl receiver Amari Cooper and youngster CeeDee Lamb. Both guys can burn you up and down the field. When I vision this offense, I CeeDeez bookies grabbing their pocketbooks.

in sum, I predict these teams put up at least three (3) touchdowns each.

**Fast forward as Alex comes to reality**

I come to you in utter disbelief. It has come to my attention that the actual over is 52 and NOT the over of 24.5 which is the the team total for Dallas.

This no-brainer has really become a head-scratcher. With all that said I will stick with this game as my Stoned Lock of the Week. No takebacks partnah! I made my decision, I made an error and I will pay the consequences like the standup man I am.

To finish—bet with me, don't bet with me. My numbers will speak for themselves. Even though we may be battling uphill, I know we will prevail.

Godspeed to you all and enjoy your evenings.

Dallas v Minnesota Over/Under - 52


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30 באוק׳ 2021

this is straight fire

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