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CBB Plays 2/20

It is not a huge Monday slate in college basketball, but I have found two plays that fit our system. The trap system took a beating this weekend, but we are still profitable on the season. On our legal books, the system is 39-31-1, and then on our bookie we are 8-3. In total we are up 4 units on the season, so I am hoping that our luck turns around this week. Let's get into the plays.

North Carolina Central @ Maryland Eastern Shore

The first bet of the night is NC Central (13-11) traveling to MD-Eastern (15-10). For some reason, NCC is a 2-point favorite on the road despite having the worse record. Also, to make matters worse, NCC already lost to UMES earlier this season. This line simply makes no sense. There is no scenario in my mind that NCC should be favored tonight, yet here we are.

Because of the ugliness of this line, we are going to take NCC -2. Something is off on the line, and Vegas knows exactly what they are doing. I'm not smart enough or care enough to dive into why the line is where it is, so I'm going to trust that Vegas has made the appropriate line tonight.

#5 Kansas @ #22 TCU

The biggest game of the day comes in the BIG 12 as Kansas travels to TCU to get revenge from an embarrassing loss earlier in the season. TCU traveled to Kansas a couple weeks ago and beat the Jayhawks by 23 points. It was a complete massacre. Now it is a revenge game for Kansas, and they are still the underdog. TCU is a 2-point favorite tonight even after they have had a complete collapse in their season. They have lost 4 out of their last 5 and are 0-3 in their last three games when playing ranked teams. We now add the fact that Kansas is pissed about their previous meeting, and this game could get ugly for TCU.

I understand homecourt advantage, especially in the BIG 12, but everything is pointing towards the Jayhawks tonight. They look good, they have momentum, and they want revenge. Because of this, I once again am taking the team that doesn't make any sense. Give me TCU -2!

You can follow and see the records of all my "Trap Plays" on Pikkit. I hope we get a clean sweep tonight and make some money!

Good Luck, Good Scores, and Godspeed!

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