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Change Is Good and Necessary Until it Isn’t

Will preface this by saying THANK FUCK Mike Zimmer is no longer the coach of the Minnesota Vikings. I don’t think my group chats could handle another season of my “geriatric” this and “instagram model loving, no common sense having shrimp dick” that on Sundays. I’m a firm believer the Vikings are in the playoffs with competent coaching. Not the “stuck in my old ways” nepotism hiring, change nothing, mediocrity is our ceiling, we’re here to collect paychecks and bone models at 65 years old, type coaching. Change was necessary.

Zimmer undoubtedly brought back a winning culture to Minnesota. The man was a legend for nearly his entire stint here. I will always love him as a man, and what he brought to the organization for many years. That being said, if the Vikings didn’t make this move, we’d be known as the next Bengals pre-Burrow.

It can go either way from here on. The Vikings have the talent to win now. Justin Jefferson is literally Randy Moss, Dalvin Cook gives you 12 healthy games a year as a top 3 running back in the league, Adam Thielen is that scrappy, lunch pail to work, insert white Iverson stereotype here, guy with a few great years left. Vikings in the red zone? Better triple cover Thielen. The Vikings have to try and win now, before they blow this all up. If the O line could even just be average, and the defense plays with their eyes open for once, watch out.

The coaching change worked for Michigan State in almost the exact same scenario. Dantonio came in and conquered competition with a bunch of bush league recruits. The game just passed him and he refused to change, just like Zimmer. Refused to make hires outside the circle of coaches around him. Nepotism will be the downfall of any team. Mel Tucker comes in and now Bama and Georgia are shaking in their boots. The last years of SEC dominance are upon us, the country will soon fear only one man in CFB #TuckComin

The change can also go horribly wrong. We could become the next Giants, Lions, Browns, etc. But it’s a risk you have to take if you care about winning. The Vikings are 0-4 in Super Bowls. If they ever make it back, I’ll put my life on them winning it all. It just has to be that way.

Easy pick tonight, Warriors money line. Will they ever lose again with Klay back?

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