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College Football Friday

Good morning all! A beautiful board is upon us as we awake full on turkey and beer. Also, today marks my last happy day as a human before Michigan gets exposed and my dreams get crushed tomorrow! So, might as well be happy and make some money today! I have locked in 5 picks today, and I just love them! I hope You do as well!

The first game of the day is Boise State vs. SDSU. Now SDSU (10-1) is a 3 point dog to BSU (7-4), and I’m not really sure why that is the line. I love SDSU in this game, but it makes me question was VEGAS knows about them that I don’t. I do however No a good defense when I see one, and let me tell ya, both these university's have one. This is going to be LOW scoring where I think SDSU comes out with the victory! U44.5

Next we have a Big 10 matchup where again the (3-8) cornhuskers are favorited over the (9-2) Hawkeyes By 1. Again I don’t understand this line, as I believe the Hawkeyes will win by 4, but you know how Much I like to bet the over. This over is at 40, and that’s low in my eyes. Iowa Has a terrible offense and good defense, and I’m not sure what Nebraskas deal is but they play every game close. I think this will be a slow game where a lot of field goals are exchanged, but in the end, I see this over hitting Barely. O40

A big12 battle is our next game as Texas takes on Kansas state. Texas is awful but we have to remember it’s Texas. They have history and we have to respect that (aka Michigan). The line is -2.5 and that’s a trap bet in my eyes. Texas should have no problem winning by a field goal and this will be an easy win. Texas -2.5.

Another big12 matchup between ISU and TCU has our attention next. I love my cyclones Even though they have had a down year, but as we all know, they don’t blow teams out. They like keeping it interesting, and you know what, I respect that. TCU is a 3 score dog at +15 and that is way too much. I see ISU winning by 10 so this TCU should cover no problem. TCU +15.

Lastly, we have my least favorite team in the Country: Cincinnati. I hate these guys so much as they are probably going to get into the playoffs ahead of Michigan and other power 5 teams that deserve to get in. However, I can’t see them not beating ECU by less than 14. It would be a beautiful day if they lose, but we gotta think with our brains and not our hearts. CINCY -14

As always, enjoy the last weekend of regular season college football, be safe, and lets make some money!

Your Neighborhood Sports Better,


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