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Friday Night Lights

Toxic and Mayor will be meeting up in the Crossroads City tonight and will be taking advantage of every sportsbook promo in Indiana. This is a very exciting time for the both of us as we chase free bets to hopefully put a substantial dent in our gambling debt. Well, that is at least our plan, hopefully it doesn't backfire! Our big plays will be tomorrow, but a small wager for tonight's game will be the premise of this blog.

The Game:

There are two games tonight, East Carolina at BYU and Louisiana Tech at FIU. The second game I really don't care about, but the ECU/BYU game will be a very good matchup. East Carolina is surprisingly 5-3 after two huge wins against UCF and Memphis. They took down a very solid Memphis team in 4 OT, and then last week they beat up on a really good UCF team. BYU on the other hand, has had a disappointing season thus far. They have lost three straight and are on a 3-game losing streak. BYU is currently a 3-point favorite and the over/under is set at 64.

The Bet:

Despite losing three in a row, BYU is still a respectable team and has played a very tough schedule. ECU has surprised a lot of people this year, but their strength of schedule is nowhere near BYU's. Because of this discrepancy in schedules, it is hard for me to get a read on both these teams. I have decided to stay away from the spread and have looked at the point total.

I locked the under in last night a 63 points. It since has moved to 64, not in my favor at all, but I still like it! ECU shut down one of the fasted paced, and highest scoring offenses last week in UCF. It was a great performance by ECU's defense, and I am banking on them coming to play tonight. BYU on the other hand, had one of the worst offensive performances of their season last week with just 14 points against Liberty.

BYU surely will bounce back a little bit offensively, but I don't think that it will be enough to put this game over the total. I see a close game with the final being 28-24.

That is all I have for college football tonight! I will have more plays around other leagues this evening.

Good luck, good scores, and Godspeed!


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