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JETS @ Colts

Coming of a win in my last prediction feels wonderful! I look to continue this streak into tonight with a game that I can’t tell if it’s extremely boring or if its the game of the week. Either way, I absolutely love the board. The Colts are favored by 10-10.5 depending on your book, and the over/under is at a testy 45.

Now if we learned anything this season, it is that double digit dogs are destroying the spread, or so it feels like. The Colts have showed glimmers of being a playoff team, but Carson Wentz? I DONT TRUST HIM! The Jets however have a little story going on here. A little Tom Brady, Drew Bledsoe kind of story. Yes, I understand this is most likely short lived, but I’m here for it! Mike White battling it out with Zach Wilson. You know what I think the difference maker is between these 2? One can have sex and caffeine, the other can’t. It’s as simple as that.

Long story short, I love the Jets +10. I also love the over at 45, for no specific reason, just that I like it. Once I get more time on my hands I will get back to my analytics, but for now, these are predictions on the shitter right as I get home from work.

Final Prediction:

Jets +10

Over 45

Jets +10, Over 45 Parlay (+265)

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