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Lions Super Bowl Bound? Look at Detroit's Remaining Schedule

The Detroit Lions have lived up to the hype so far this season. As a lifelong Lions fan, I have been extremely skeptical of this team, but now they are starting to prove that they were worth the hype! I just hope they don't collapse like they have so many times in the past!

Lets look a the Lions record and their remaining schedule and try to predict how this fierce and scrappy team will finish!

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Lions Move to 3-1 and 1st in the NFC North

The Lions currently sit atop the NFC North with a 3-1 record. Detroit kicked off their season, and the NFL's with a stunning victory over the reigning Super Bowl Champs, The Kansas City Chiefs. Sure Kelce and Jones were out, but any win at Arrowhead is worth celebrating, especially as a Lions fan.

Detroit then had an emotional hangover, and struggled against Seattle, who has had their number for the last couple years. Lions fell in a very disappointing overtime game, but quickly took care of business last week with a 20-6 win over Atlanta, and then most recently, a 34-20 win at Green Bay.

With breaking news of Jameson Williams coming back and a cake walk upcoming schedule, Detroit may be one of the best records in the league down the stretch.

Lions Remaining Schedule & Predictions:

10/08 vs CAR W

10/15 @ TB W

10/22 @ BAL L

10/30 vs LV W


11/12 @ LAC W

11/19 vs CHI W

11/23 vs GB W

12/03 @ NO W

12/10 @ CHI W

12/17 vs DEN W

12/24 @ MIN L

12/30 @ DAL L

1/07 vs MIN W

Final Record: 13-4

Photo by Steven King/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


Is 13 wins a stretch? Maybe slightly. Detroit will struggle at Tampa Bay, at The Chargers, and possibly at New Orleans, but besides those games, I think Detroit should win the others easily. Hell, the Lions could even sweep the Vikings in the regular season, and pull out a surprise win in Baltimore and Dallas.

So with that being said, I think 13-4 is a fair prediction for the Lions season. I don't see Detroit falling below 12 wins this year, and that gets me very excited! Let's hope my dreams don't get crushed like they have for the last 28 years, which also is very likely to happen.

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