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MLB Best Bets 5/30

We're coming to that time of the year when we only have Baseball to bet. It's a frustrating and difficult time period, but we're going to navigate through it together! I have identified a couple plays for tonight, so here they are and their reasonings!


Bet: SEA ML (-140) 1 Unit


I love when the Yankees are good sized underdog. They are such a popular team to bet on, so when people see the Yankees are plus money against an inferior team, they jump all over it!

Cortes is on the mound for NY, who is 4-2 on the season. The Mariners have Gilbert on the mound who is 3-2 on the year. A pretty even matchup and it is at Seattle, but I don't think a whole lot of people are going to be eager to jump on the Mariners which is why I love it!


Bet: DET ML (+110) 1 Unit

Let me paint you the picture in this one. The Rangers are 34-19 and are starting their ace, who is 6-1 on the year. They are playing at Detroit who is 25-27 and have a mediocre pitcher on the mound who is 1-2 on the year. WHY THE HELL ARE THE RANGERS ONLY -135???

The line makes no sense, and just like yesterday's Rays game, Vegas is up to something so we will be taking the Tigers on the Money Line!

Value Plays:


Bet: OAK ML (+215) & COL ML (+210) 0.5 Units each

These are what we call value plays, and we have a small sprinkle in each game. Baseball is a game of streak, and Oakland just beat the Braves 7-2 yesterday. The Braves are staring Elder today who is 3-0 and the As are starting Sears who is 0-3.

You would think one of the best teams in baseball would be a -300+ odds today against the undisputed worst team in the league. However, they are only -260 which suggests that Vegas is giving the A's some credit. We're going to trust in Vegas's research and sprinkle the A's Money Line.

The COL/ARI game makes no sense to me. Yes, it's at Arizona, and yes, the Diamondbacks are the better team, but should they really be -250 on the money line? Like the above game, one of the best teams in baseball was only -260 against the worst team, and now we have a similar line against two much more even teams.

It seems fishy, but I can't resist taking a +210 ML bet on the Rockies. It is worth a sprinkle!

2 Teamer

Bet: TB ML + LAD ML (-104) 1 Unit

Last but not least, we have to add a parlay on the slip. The Rays just lost 1-0 against the Cubs, and now have McClanahan on the mound who is 8-0 on the year. They are playing the Cubs again who have Hendricks on the mound who has only pitched for 4 innings on the year and recorded a 10-1 loss in his 1 start this year.

TB is going to destroy them.

The Dodgers are playing the Nats and there's not a whole lot of thought behind this play. It's at LA, and they just beat Washington 6-1 yesterday. Nats are starting Irvin who has a 5.32 ERA and just like yesterday, this could get ugly!

Those are the plays and reasonings! Good luck if you're tailing! I will continue posting all my plays on Sobet along with reasonings as well!

Good Luck, Good Scores, and Godspeed!


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