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NBA Max Play

The NBA is finishing up their regular season, but I am still trying to get a couple more dollars out of them before the playoffs start up. You have to be careful betting late in the NBA season, because a lot of teams will either be tanking or resting for the post-season. Fortunately for my bet today, it looks like both teams have something to play for.

The Bet:

Bucks/Cavs o224.5 (-110)


The Bucks are 2 games behind with only 1 game to play, so first place is out of the question for Milwaukee. However, they hold a 1 game lead over the Celtics, so a win here will secure their 2 seed in the east. Cleveland is in a similar position. They currently are tied with the Nets for the 7 seed and are only 1 game ahead of the Hawks and Hornets who are tied at 9. A loss here for Cleveland, could drop them to 10th, meaning they would have to play Brooklyn in the play-in game. Considering both these implications, I really believe both teams will play hard, and points will be scored.

The 224.5 total points mark has been passed by the Bucks in their last 8 games. Cleveland has done this in 3 or their last 5. It all will come down to Cleveland to see if they can keep the game close and score the points necessary to hit this over. Milwaukee should have no problem doing their part, just hope Cleveland does too.

I will be down bad if this doesn't hit and will most likely be doubling down on later games. I hope this isn't the case, but they call use WorstBets for a reason.

Good luck, Good Scores, and Godspeed!


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