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This is going to be short and quick, as I have a long car ride and am still in disbelief about that Michigan Victory yesterday! GO BLUE!!

The board looks absolutely terrible today, which means the games look to be exciting ones that will be decided by few points. This is always good for the viewer, but terrible for the gambler, anyways, here are my “expert picks”.

Steelers vs. Bengals:

Steelers +3.5

I can’t see Steelers Losing by a fg or better so I’m taking the trap bet.

Bucs vs. Colts:

Bucs -3

The colts are red hot, but I think the bucs will slow down run game and try to force Wentz to play well which is a good strategy.

Titans vs. Pats:

Pats -7

I hate this bet so much that it might work. Also, the titans have everyone and their sister injured.

Eagles vs. Giants:


I’m relying on eagles to continue scoring, and the giants to look better than dogshit.

Chargers vs Broncos:

Chargers -2.5

What I think is the best play on the board aka my most confident. Think broncos are overrated and chargers will win this.

As always good luck and good scores. Not looking forward to Monday when we’re back in reality, but I guess the rest of America isn’t as well. At least Michigan is in the BIG 10 CHAMPIONSHIP, remember that! NEVER FORGET!

yours truly,


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