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It’s that time of the week again, and I have one thing to say: What a beautiful board! This week is also very special because the Lions aren’t going to lose! Bet everything on the lions today! EVERYTHING!!! A couple games have caught my attention that I just absoletly love, but I also will have predictions on every game this Sunday!

First, we will take a gander down in Jacksonville as the Jags (1-6) take on the the Bills (5-2). The bills are a 14.5 pt favorite and I’ll tell you right now, the jags are going to need much more than that. Jacksonvilles 1 win was in Europe against a terrible Miami dolphins squad, and every other game they have looked helpless, including a blowout loss to seattle last week. Best bet here is BILLS -14.5!

Next we are going to the battle of Ohio, where the Browns (4-4) travel to the Bengals (5-3). The browns have struggled as of late, but I still think they’re a solid team. The Bengals I thought were a good team have a couple horrible losses on their schedule. Those losses are to the bears, and Jets, and also had a barn burner win vs the Jags. However, they did blowout the ravens. Safe to say I don’t trust these guys. The Browns are a 2.5pt underdog but I am just taking them straight up. Best bet: BROWNS ML!

The last game I like was the Patriots (4-4) vs. the Panthers (4-4). Rumor has it the CMC is back, even if it is a limited role. The patriots are a good squad with a good defense, and Carolina I think will be able to score a few. This hand stood out because it had the smaller o/u of the day. Usually this means Vegas is trying to trap you into taking the over, and guys…. VEGAS DID JUST THAT TO ME. Hammer this over of 41 points. Best Bet: OVER 41

Other Predictions:

Cowboys -10

Ravens -6

Texans +5.5

Raiders -3

Falcons +6.5

Chargers -1.5

Packers +7

Cardinals +3

Rams -7.5

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