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NFL Wildcard Predictions

The NFL playoffs are finally here, and even though the Detroit Lions got snubbed, we are still very excited. Six games will be played between Saturday and Monday, and six teams will move onto the next round. A young and loaded AFC full of eager quarterbacks will keep us entertained in the West, whereas the NFC is looking a little less promising. Either way, it is an exciting time in the NFL, and the journey to the Super Bowl starts this weekend. I will give my predictions of the first round below.


Seattle Seahawks @ San Fransisco 49ers - Saturday, 4:30 ET

I referenced it before, but I am still a little butt hurt about the Seahawks making the playoffs and not the Lions. Seattle surprised everyone early in the season but have since fell off a bit, and the Lions on the other hand, sucked to start, but have finished as one of the hottest teams in the league. Either way, Seattle is in and Detroit is not, but Seattle's playoff stint may be short lived. They are up against one of the best teams in the NFL, and despite rookie 7th rounder, Brock Purdy, leading the 49ers, they still are very dangerous.

SF has won their last 10 games, the longest streak in the NFL, and are a 10-point favorite against the Seahawks on Saturday. I do think that is too many points, but the 49ers are winning this one with ease and moving onto the next round.

New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings - Sunday, 4:30 ET

The most fraudulent game between the most fraudulent teams you've ever seen in your life is the next game on the docket. The New York Giants are traveling north to face off against the Vikings, the NFC North Champions. Despite Minnesota's 13-4 record, they are a sad excuse of a team and have frauds written all over them. Luckily for the Vikings, the Giants are in the same category. Both teams don't deserve to be here, but this game could actually be interesting.

Minnesota has Kirk Cousins, Dalvin Cook, and Justin Jefferson, which makes their offense dangerous at times. However, they have absolutely no defense which allows just about anyone to stay competitive with them. If it wasn't for Minnesota's ability to finish games (and luck), they could easily be a below .500 team.

The Giants on the other hand, have almost no offense known to man. Besides Saquon Barkeley, their phenomenal running back, they can't do anything offensively. Danny Dimes sucks, and I couldn't name one wide receiver on their team.

Both teams complement each other nicely which is why I think this is going to be a good game. A lot of people are taking the Giants as their underdog this weekend, but I think the Vikings will pull it off once again, like they have all season. Minnesota advances in a tight game.

Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Monday, 8:15 ET

The game I am most excited for is the last game of the weekend. Ageless Tom Brady has somehow made it into the playoffs once again, and he is up against a very solid Cowboys team. If Tampa wasn't in the worst division in Football, then the Bucs most likely wouldn't have made it, but here we are.

The Cowboys are one of the most complete teams in the NFL. Their defense is stellar and their offense if filled with playmaking potential. However, Dak Prescott has struggled lately to avoid turnovers, and that could be a problem in this game.

To make matters worse for Dallas, the goat, Tom Brady, has never lost to the Cowboys in his career. Obviously, Tom is showing signs of age and he is not the QB he was a couple seasons ago, but he is still Tom Fucking Brady. I am a math guy, so I have to follow the statistics. Statistically, Tom Brady isn't losing this game, so I will be taking the Bucs to advance.


Los Angeles Chargers @ Jacksonville Jaguars - Saturday, 8:15 ET

Similar to the Bucs, Jacksonville is here mostly because of their weak division. It is a pretty good story for the Jags since they were the worst team in football just two years ago and have now made the playoffs, something I wish the Lions could accomplish.

The luck in Jacksonville might come to an abrupt end this weekend. They are facing a very dangerous Chargers team who looks to finally be healthy. The Chargers have struggled with injuries all year, but its looking like Keenan Allen is almost 100% and Mike Williams should be healthy enough to haul in some catches.

I like the Chargers in this game, and I could see them continue to have success and possibly upset someone next week!

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills - Sunday, 1:00 ET

This game had a lot of potential, but with the news of Tua not playing in this game has really ruined all the excitement. There's not much to say about this game now. The Bills are my Superbowl favorites, and if they lose to Miami who is without Tua, then I deserve to quit gambling for good. Bills by 17+!

Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinatti Bengals - Sunday, 8:15 ET

Another similar story in Miami is occurring in Baltimore. Lamar Jackson hasn't played the last couple games with a leg injury, and he hasn't practiced yet this week. As of now, it has not been reported that he's put for Sunday's game, but it is not looking promising. With Lamar out, the Ravens just aren't the same team.

This is not a good sign, when you are up against the most dangerous passing attack in the NFL. Joe Burrow and his three amazing wide receivers could win this one by a landslide. They did just play last week, so the Ravens have another week of game planning to figure something out, but regardless I like Cincy a lot in this game.

It is kind of a square board, and obviously the odds aren't great for the money lines on the big favorites. Because of that, here is a nice little ML parlay that I don't see losing. This could be a very very big unit play for the weekend!

  • 49ers ML

  • Bills ML

  • Bengals ML

  • (-154)

Good Luck, Good Scores, and Godspeed!

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