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Wiz Nut

Hello all, I am back and ready to attack this Wednesday with a great pick! Would like to just stat one thing real quick before the bet is announced: We are a No Nonsense Blog, and will not be influenced by the Media Mob. That is all I will say about that.

Anyways, What's up you bafoons. Here is the game: Wizards (14-11) @ Pistons (4-19). As a life long Detroit Fan, (mostly rooting against them at this point because its more fun), never never trust the Pistons, Lions, Tigers, shoot even the Wings. This is true for tonight's matchup.

The Pistons I really thought were going to turn it around this year with a strong sophomore class as well as the 1st overall pick: Cade Cunningham. Well, I should of remembered I was hoping for a Detroit team and we will be terrible for the rest of my life. Pistons have flat out sucked. The Wizards on the other hand were once the hottest team in the NBA. They have been on a little slump lately, but they are still heads and shoulders above the stones. The line is -5.5 Wiznuts and that is just too easy. I predict the score to be 117-89 Wizibabies. Wizards -5.5

As always, stay safe, stay educated, and stay well informed.



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